Arcana is a small utility designed to help you generate secure and memorable passwords easily.

Arcana generates passwords based on a combination of dictionary words, numbers and punctuation. In order to do this Arcana uses a format specified as a set of numbers and letters separated by commas.

But aren’t passwords containing dictionary words easy to crack?

Not necessarily. If a sufficiently long and complex password is used then even a brute force attack would take so long to achieve that the attacker would give up before succeeding. Arcana’s goal is to use this fact to generate a password which is memorable but still strong because it contains a random assortment of words which will generally be joined by equally random numbers and punctuation.

If you find number sequences easy to remember (who doesn’t?), Arcana can also be used to create a password containing only numbers. Equally, Arcana can create a password containing only dictionary words or punctuation but for most people these aren’t as memorable as a combination of all three.