iPlace is a small contextual menu plug-in for Safari. It is designed to help you browse images in web pages and to manage your image downloads. iPlace allows you to specify a set of locations to which you can save images and then allows you to either save single images or to browse all of the images in a page without seeing any of the text in between. In this way you can easily select and save multiple images at once.

Note that iPlace requires SIMBL which is a free (donations accepted) plugin manager.

Please do not use iPlace to steal images to which you do not hold the copyright!

Please note:
iPlace has an issue when Safari is running in 64 bit mode which prevents it from working.

If you don’t have any other plugins which only work as 64 bit then you can switch Safari to run in 32 bit mode. This shouldn’t affect Safari performance in any way. To do this:

Quit Safari
Click and hold on the Safari icon in the Dock until the menu appears.
Select Options, then Show in Finder.
Right click on Safari in the Finder and select Get Info.
Click the checkbox saying ‘Open in 32 bit mode’.
Close the window and restart Safari then iPlace should start working.